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Technical Data
Part numberDimensions lengthChemical composition
Quality and affordability is your assurance.
086756 PD1503 X65677 27 686 Molecular sieve
086834 PD1803 X65247 27 686 Molecular sieve, Activated carbon, Catalyst
087929 PD1203 X65627 27 686 Activated carbon
087930  X22671 20 508 Molecular sieve
087931  X22231 20 508 Molecular sieve, Activated carbon, Catalyst
087932 X22221 20 508 Activated carbon
087933 PD1501 X65670 10 254 Molecular sieve
087934 PD1801 X65240 10 254 Molecular sieve, Activated carbon, Catalyst
087935 PD1201 X65220 10 254 Activated carbon
Molecular sieve is used for drying. Activated carbon is used for hydrocarbon removal. A catalyst is used to convert
carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide.
Dimensions are approximate and are subject to change.

Bauer offers B-PURE that replaces many low cost brands of
lesser quality.The cartridge tube is high strength anodized
aluminum which eliminates the worry of flimsy plastic tubes
found on other brands that have been prone to failure.
When was the last time you had to tear apart your purification
system because a cartridge end-cap came off? Not with B-PURE!
How do you get the cartridge out of the purification chamber housing?
B-PURE incorporates a stainless steel bale in the top cap which
makes cartridge removal a snap.

99-1135 Iwaena St. STE 5
Aiea, Hawaii 96701
Pressure Systems, Inc.
Pressure Systems,Inc.
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