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Pressure Systems, Inc.

Authorized dealer of BAUER COMPRESSORS in Hawaii.
TCom Trailer

Technical Data
Model Charging
of Stages
  scfml/min hpkw   
6000psig(414 bar)        
Tcom-13H13368410/277.5/2010.81420P5 SECURUS
Tcom-25H25.2714520/3715/27211300P5 SECURUS
* Based on recharging an 80 cubic foot tank from 500 to 3000 PSIG.
** Compressor capacity referenced to standard inlet conditions.
Image shown with additional accessories.
Dimensions and weights are approximate and are subject to change.
T-Com 13H/25H Trailer

When your needs require a rugged trailer built for the
fire service, rather than a cheap lightweight imitation,
look to BAUER. Our TCOM TRAILER designs are powered
by a unique diesel/electric dual drive system. Each system
is equipped with a two position containment fill station,
an enclosed fill control panel, four ASME storage cylinders
and integral SCBA storage for up to twelve SCBA cylinders
all incorporated onto a heavy duty frame built by BAUER.

Standard scope of supply
  • BAUER Breathing Air Purification System with SECURUS
  • BAUER PLC based controller with multicolor touchpad display
  • NEMA 4 rated electrical enclosure with ULŪ listed control panel
  • Automatic condensate drain system with non-corrosive
    condensate reservoir and integrated float switch. Automatic "Full"
    indication and compressor shutdown
  • Four (4) 6000 psig ASME code stamped air cylinders
  • Integral SCBA storage for up to twelve (12)SCBA cylinders
  • Two position Containment Fill Station accommodates
    SCBA or SCUBA cylinders up to 31" overall length
  • Unique diesel drive system incorporating our exclusive automatic
    belt tensioning system
  • High gloss powder coat paint for a hard durable finish
  • Hydraulic surge brakes with breakaway actuator
  • Four (4) bank dual function cascade controls with air direction valve
  • Formed structural steel frame designed and built by BAUER
  • Roller shutter door protection for the operations panel and fill
  • Refill port
  • CO monitor with calibration kit
  • Lunette eye hitch

AVAILABLE ACCESSORIES(factory installed)
  • OPTION PACKAGE A - Telescoping light mast
    with four (4) 500 watt fixtures, snorkel tube
    for compressor air inlet integrated with light
    mast and 7500 watt auxiliary generator
  • OPTION PACKAGE B - Spare tire and wheel chocks with finder well
  • OPTION PACKAGE C - 75 Foot Hose Reel and Interior Lights
  • OPTION PACKAGE D - 2 5/16" ball hitch
  • OPTION PACKAGE E - 100 1/2"L x 5 1/2"H sign boards

DIMENSIONS L x W x H inches (mm)
  • 200 x 90 x 105 (5080 x 2286 x 2267)

WEIGHT pounds (kg)
  • 8400(3810)

99-1135 Iwaena St. STE 5
Aiea, Hawaii 96701
Pressure Systems, Inc.
Pressure Systems,Inc.
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