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Pressure Systems, Inc.

Authorized dealer of BAUER COMPRESSORS in Hawaii.
Technical Data
Model Charging
of Stages
  scfml/min hpkw   
5000psig (345 bar)        
mVT6-E1/E36170353.751050P2 SECURUS
mVT8-E1/E38.423837.55.671250P2 SECURUS
MVT20-E3215954151117.51300P5 SECURUS
MVT26-E326.474842015221350P5 SECURUS
MVT42-E3***42119043022352300P10 SECURUS
6000psig(414 bar)        
mVT5H-E1/E35142353.741050P2 SECURUS
mVT10H-E1/E39.727547.55.68.11180P2 SECURUS
mVT13H-E1/E3133684107.510.81420P2 SECURUS
MVT18H-E31851041511151325P5 SECURUS
MVT25H-E325.271452015211300P5 SECURUS
MVT35H-E3***35.910174302229.81200P10 SECURUS
* Based on recharging an 80 cubic foot tank from 500 to 3000 PSIG.
** Compressor capacity referenced to standard inlet conditions
*** 30Hp units are in cabinet other than depicted.
E1 = Single phase electric, 230 VAC/60 Hz.
E3 = Three Phase Electric, 230/460 VAC/60 Hz.
Dimensions and weights are approximate and are subject to change.
Mini and Maxi Verticus

MINI VERTICUS and MAXI VERTICUS combine compressor,
air purification, SECURUS electronic moisture monitoring
system and motor in a space saving, sound attenuated
vertical cabinet designed to diminish operating sound levels.
The MINI VERTICUS sound level is approximately
70 dBA and the MAXI VERTICUS is less than approximately
79 dBA (both at 3ft/ 1meter distance).

Standard scope of supply
  • BAUER Breathing Air Purification System with SECURUS
  • BAUER PLC based controller with
    multicolor touchpad display
  • NEMA 4 rated electrical enclosure
    with ULŪ listed control panel
  • Compressor low oil pressure and
    high temperature safety shutdowns
  • Emergency stop push bottom automatic start/stop control
  • Automatic condensate drain system with non-corrosive
    condensate reservoir and integrated float sensor.
    Automatic "Full" indication and compressor shutdown

Maxi Verticus Models (add to above)
  • Vertically hinged front operations panel
    and lift-off side maintenance access doors
  • Inlet filter maintenance indicator
  • Interstage pressure guages (locally mounted)

AVAILABLE ACCESSORIES (factory installed)
Mini Verticus Models
  • Audible alarms for safety shutdowns
  • CO monitor
  • Interstage pressure gauges (locally mounted)

Maxi Verticus Models
  • Audible alarms for safety shutdowns
  • CO monitor with remote display

DIMENSIONS L x W x H inches (mm)
  • MINI VERTICUS 29 x 49 x 58 (737 x 1245 x 1473)
  • MAXI VERTICUS 51 x 34 x 66 (1295 x 864 x 1676) (15-20hp)
  • MAXI VERTICUS 68 x 45 x 75 (1727 x 1143 x 1905) (30hp)

WEIGHT pounds (kg)
  • MINI VERTICUS 880 - 950 (400 - 432)
  • MAXI VERTICUS 1050 - 1530 (476 - 694)

99-1135 Iwaena St. STE 5
Aiea, Hawaii 96701
Pressure Systems, Inc.
Pressure Systems,Inc.
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